The Lord had come with a message. He had already promised Abraham a son, now He was telling him when that son was going to arrive! If the Lord has a special message for us, He will not hide it from us. If He has promised something we can be sure that He will fulfil that promise. It may not LOOK as though He will, but He will!!

We are told in the New Testament that Abraham believed God. Does this mean that Abraham had absolutely no doubts in his mind as to how he and Sarah were to have another son? I do not see things like that at all. I believe that Abraham had his doubts and fears just as we all do from time to time. For the most part though, he kept the faith. He hoped against hope, and he believed even when sense and reason had long since departed the scene.

Is any thing too hard for the Lord?

Are we in a situation today when we need the impossible to happen in our lives? We desperately want to believe that it will happen, yet at the same time we are ashamed of our unbelief and doubts?
Perhaps the Lord has promised good to your soul in a special and personal way. For years on end you have been waiting for Him to fulfil that same promise, yet nothing has happened.

But just think for a few moments of Abraham at a hundred years of age and his wife Sarah - aged ninety. Now think for a moment of the oldest couple that you know personally who are alive in this world today. Try to imagine the reaction they would have if the Lord appeared to them today with such a promise!
Well then - has He made a promise to you? Are you still waiting for it to be fulfilled? Are you doubting that He will fulfil it? Is your promise harder to fulfil than that which was promised to Abraham?

Is any thing too hard for the Lord?

Go now, my friend, and stand in front of a mirror. Look yourself straight in the eye and ask the question - Is any thing too hard for the Lord? Think for a few moments on Who He is, Who it is that is promising. Think about how our world was created, on sin, on the punishment for sin and also on the Atonement made for sin.

Think really hard and long on the love that nailed Jesus to that tree for your sins and for mine. Did you deserve to be saved? Did you deserve to have all your sins washed away? Do you deserve to go to Heaven? Is God faithful in all that He does? Is His Word true? Has He always kept His promises?
Are you going to be the first person in history, then, that the Lord will fail?

Is any thing too hard for the Lord?

"Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it."
May He meet your needs today according to His wonderful promises!

Author : Iain Mackenzie

My Response To this Message>>>>>>>Thank You Lord For My Hardships

Is Anything Too Hard For God?
Author : Iain Mackenzie

Genesis Chapter 18 Verse 14

The beauty of the Lord's handiwork is all around us (it seems to me to be especially so on this Island) yet there are times and seasons when He enhances even His own work. His works of creation always seem to encourage me whenever I am trying to overcome unbelief. They help to remove any limits that I may have imposed upon Him in my mind!

Variations of light, clouds like giant cotton wool, days when the smoke from the chimneys rises straight up into the sky. And then there are other times when storms crash into our shores and His power is seen on a different level.
Yesterday's brilliant blue sea can quickly change into a foaming, raging mass of white hurtling towards the rocks!  The Lord borders the power and majesty of the great oceans with tiny grains of sand!

Is any thing too hard for the Lord?

It was probably just one of those days of changeableness when Abraham looked up and saw the three men. It seems to me that he was not really expecting a visit from the Lord at that time.

And then as we read the passage it is almost as if he went into overdrive trying to please them. He was indeed the perfect host, and the men accepted his hospitality.