Father, we thank You for this day, a day that we have never seen before, a day that You chose to wake us up in our right mind and we thank You! Thank You for forgiving us of all of our sins and for cleansing us of all unrighteousness, we come not in our own righteousness but in the righteousness of Your Son, Jesus Christ, lifting up the youth and young adults to You. Asking You to keep them, to protect them, to shield them, to strengthen them, to comfort them, to teach them, to correct them, to love them, to build up their confidence, to encourage them, to help them say no to drugs, to sex, to alcohol, to following the crowd, skipping class, and hanging out when they should be in school.

Father our youth and young adults are faced with so much peer pressure today and we come standing in intercessory prayer, asking that You would be a hedge of protection around them. Help those that are not doing good in school and have a true desire to do good, to improve their grades and their behavior. Help them to separate what is going on at home, in their personal lives and concentrate on their school work, help them to enjoy being a kid, to enjoy going to school, to enjoy interacting with other children and to grow socially and academically.

Father in regards to the troubles in their lives, the troubles in their homes, we ask for Your divine intervention, Your divine guidance, open doors that only you can open and help our youth and young adults to get the help they need and for the problems in the home, with mom, dad, hurt, pain, brokenness, whatever the problem, we are asking You in Jesus name to hook them up Father, fix the things that are wrong...bring forth healing, deliverance, restoration, forgiveness and reconciliation. Thank You for restoring homes today, marriages, relationships, thank You for returning the hearts of the fathers to their children, the hearts of the mothers to their children in Jesus name.

Father, many of our youth and young adults are doing extremely well, they are making honors, receiving scholarships, are advancing and multiplying and we thank You for the marvelous work that You have done and all that You are going to do in Jesus and we ask today that You would touch the hearts of each honor student to take the time today to encourage their classmates, each one reaching one, teaching one and we will be ever so careful to give you all the praise, honor and glory for Your marvelous works.

Father, thank You for raising up mentors that will take the time to nurture our youth and young adults, with homework, with job training, with bible study, with talking & listening, Father too many youth and young adults don't have positive role models and we are asking You today to touch the hearts of Your people, those that have a genuine heart to serve, those that have compassion, those that believe the potential within our youth and young adults and are ready to help them tap into that potential, that positive power and energy within them. Father, we thank You today for our Youth and Young Adults, we thank You that they shall live, they shall be successful, they will achieve their goals, they will finish school, they will go to college and further their education, receive a good paying job and become self-sufficient, they will own and operate their own businesses in Jesus name and we bless Your holy name, we thank You in advance.

Father we thank You for those youth and young adults that are incarcerated, we thank You for the reason, the season, the life lessons that they are learning, thank You for second chances, thank You for repentive hearts, thank You for Your blanket of mercy and grace that is covering them, protecting, preparing them and equipping them to return to society, changed, positive, ready to make a difference, ready to take full advantage of their second chance, new life and new beginnings in Jesus name.

Father we thank You for the youth and young adults that are in ministry, those that You have called at a young age, those that are preaching & teaching Your word, those that are singing, dancing, mimeing, acting, writing and glorifying You, bringing hope, giving joy, sharing love...bless them today, strengthen them today, supply every need today....thank You for more ministry opportunities, thank You for enlarging their territories, thank You for letting them learn from the old and letting the old learn from the young and together let us be mindful and respectful of You and each other, knowing that we are all members of the body of Christ, working together to build up Your Kingdom in the mighty name of Jesus, I humbly submit this prayer with thanksgiving in my heart, amen!
A Prayer For Our Youth & Young Adults
Stacey Lunsford
Song Courtesy of Brandon Lee Productions