Wednesday, November 9, 2005, I was assaulted outside of the Family Courthouse after a child support hearing by my son's father and he severely dislocated my left shoulder and I suffered a severe fracture in the humerus bone of my left arm/shoulder and the ball that goes into the joint is cracked...after I hit him first.  I stress that because I was angry and after trusting God for 19 years of going in and out of court...I took matters into my own hands...and as you read will see the price that I paid for operating in the flesh and usurping God's authority in my life and not allowing the Holy Spirit which is my Minister of Defense to defend me.  (Pay close attention ladies...there's a serious lesson here)

Technical Term for my diagnosis is acromio-clavicular separation, which is the separation of two of the bones in your shoulder.  The separation tore some of the ligaments (rope-like tissue) that holds the shoulder firmly together.  It shoult heal well if what my discharge papers said....

But in Jeremiah 30:17, God said that He would restore (To bring back to an original condition, revive):me unto health and that He would heal all of my wounds.  Revive is....
  • To bring back to life or consciousness; resuscitate.
  • To impart new health, vigor, or spirit to.
  • To restore to use, currency, activity, or notice.
  • To restore the validity or effectiveness of.
  • To renew in the mind; recall.
  • To present (an old play, for example) again

As I reflect on the definitions of revive, I can't help but share my testimony of how God revived me on the gurney in the emergency room, while the doctors work wholeheartedly to reset my shoulder, three times and it wouldn't not go back into position. 

In excruciating pain, with tears streaming dowm my face, I began to scream with a loud voice, JESUS, I LOVE YOU, I TRUST YOU, HEAL MY BODY IN JESUS NAME, TOUCH THE DOCTORS, TOUCH MY SHOULDER, PLACE IT BACK IN POSITION.....I drifted off to sleep.

The doctors are still working while I am sleep, I woke up singing, Jesus keep me near the cross, there's a precious fountain, the doctors stop for rest, they are tired and frustrated, they don't understand why my shoulder wont go back....I keep on singing as they are standing all around me...and it's free, it's free to all....a healing stream....flows from Calvary....Calvary's the cross, in the cross, be my glory, ever....till my raptured soul shall beyond the river....the words of the song, freely flowed out of my mouth, so melonious, I never sang like that before... God is definitely doing a great the midst of all of the pain, that I was in.

Physically, my body (flesh) was tired, sore, aching and just as tired as the doctors but my spirit, praise God, my spirit was alive, my spirit was vibrant, my spirit praised God...when you can't find the words to say....say the name of Jesus...somebody got to hear me this morning!!!!! 

The Holy Spirit stepped in and He took control, not just of me...but of the entire Emergency Deparment because, as I cried unto the Lord, those that were near and far...they heard!  As I sang unto the Lord....astonished....they listened to me crying in pain...than crying (rejoicing) unto the Lord...I praise Your name Jesus, I love You Jesus!

The last attempt to place the shoulder before resorting to surgery, the doctor told me that I need to relax and I told him, "if you want me to relax....than start singing with me....*smile* matter of fact....why don't ya'll pray with me in Jesus name....and I began to pray.....Father in the mighty name of Jesus, please heal my shoulder, please place the ball back into the joint, please touch these doctors, lead and guide them in Jesus name.....I plead the blood of Jesus over my shoulder....the doctors, pushed, they pulled, exasperated
they said, Ms. Lunsford...we have to take you to the operating room but first we have to take an xray...

The xray technecian comes into the room, smiling, talking, it's going to be okay...she takes the pictures, leaves the room, the doctors come rushing into the room...smiling, rejoicing, the shoulder went surgery is needed glory hallelujah!  What a mighty God we serve! 

I'm thankful to be alive, as it took 5 guards to back him off and keep him off of me.  I'm home recuperating....and doing well.  It's truly a miracle that I'm alive, to tell my story.  There is no swelling or bruises on my face, thank You Jesus.  The skin that was removed off of my left eyelid and the darkness surrounding my eyes, miraculously the morning after was completely normal and restored, glory black eye.

Before being discharged, the nurse (Dan) please keep him in your prayers...he truly was angel, sent by God...he was patient, kind, gentle and loving to me and my family.  Dan said, "Stacey, I admire you, your faith in God, your love for Jesus, in all of the pain that you went believed that Jesus would heal you and you so encouraged everyone in the ER tonight, the doctors, the patients, the families, God used you tonight to encourage many people.  I know it wasn't easy....and only God can do what was done tonight...thank you, I'm so proud of you." To God be the glory!!!!!!!  It's all about you Jesus, it's all about!

The head doctor comes in to apologize to my family and I for the difficulties in resetting my shoulder....and he thanked me for being such a blessing...on his way out of the room, he looked at my mother, pointed to me and said, there's your new creation....he knew that God was transforming me on that table.  He knew that what the devil meant for bad...that God worked it out for my good...thank You Jesus! 

I'm requesting special prayer for the Emergency Room staff, their salvation, restoration, complete healing and renewed relationships with Jesus Christ.  Their families, their homes, their job, Thomas Jefferson Hospital....and the paramedics that brought me to the ER, the guards that shielded me, the female guard that was punched..while trying to protect me, my aunt Deborah...bless the Lord in Jesus name.

Please pray for complete healing of my son's father, Rochelle  Chavis Jr., his salvation, healing, deliverance, forgiveness, release of his anger, bitterness and resentment towards me and our son, as well as the roots of rejection, fear, unforgiveness, abandonment, mistreatment and neglect of his own father towards him, that has spiraled into his relationship and mistreatment of our son in Jesus name.

In closing, my prayer request is that God will be glorified, that His perfect will, will be done. This is a time to rejoice because I'm alive for such a  time as glorified O Lord!  Love always!

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Stacey Lunsford
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