Overcoming Unforgiviness

A Voice Crying In The Wilderness
Stacey Lunsford - April 23, 2009
The WORD of God tells us that we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. God has been dealing with me with forgiveness, "real forgiveness", not that fake forgiveness where you say the words but the words, the actions aren't lined up with you heart, therefore your heart and your mind are separate, unequally aligned causing you not to walk in one accord because two can walk together only when they are in agreement....pause and think about that!
A Message Of Hope
By Evangelist Joanava McDaniels

"Get out of bed, Jerusalem! Wake up. Put your face in the sunlight. God's bright glory has risen for you. The whole earth is wrapped in darkness, all people sunk in deep darkness, But God rises on you, his sunrise glory breaks over you. Nations will come to your light, kings to your sunburst brightness.
Isaiah 60:1-3 MSG

True forgiveness" is when you utter the words I forgive you and your motives are pure, you feel this thing in your heart and you know, that you know that you know that God is pleased with you for letting go and letting God take control of the situation.  Furthermore God is releasing you from the torment that comes along with the spirit of unforgiveness.

I had to learn the hard way that the bitterness, resentment and anger that I was harboring inside, was connected to the unforgiveness, my inability to forgive those that had hurt me, those that had betrayed, those that had rejected me, those that deceived me, you know the ones that are recorded in Luke 21:16 *smile*

Luke 21:16-19 (Message Bible) "You'll even be turned in by parents, brothers, relatives, and friends. Some of you will be killed. There's no telling who will hate you because of me. Even so, every detail of your body and soul even the hairs of your head! Is in my care; nothing of you will be lost. Staying with it...that's what is required. Stay with it to the end. You won't be sorry; you'll be saved.      Continue....                                                                                   

The Struggle
With Unforgiveness
Charles Stanley
A Clarion Call To Return To: Holiness ~ Sanctification ~ Consecration ~ Righteousness ~Purity & Integrity