Our  Ministry Spotlight For Domestic Violence Is "Help Moms Stop The Murders"
In the memory Tiffany's 17yr.old son, Jamel aka "Poopie" to family & "Mooka Mel" to friends.

We have to do something about Youth Violence before our children are all gone!!

The children are our future & I believe if we can attack this problem at the root starting with giving our kids a place to go & feel safe where they can talk to adults who understand their plight; we can get a grip on the future of our children.

Secondly I would like to help the families who have been hit by youth violence, I would like to create a program to help them work out what has happened in their family, I would like to get them involved in this project ( I believe that will help them deal with their feelings by helping others in the same situation).

And lastly we have to take a stand to let the law know we are not going to sit idly by while they let the murders of our black children happen & not speak up about it.

Our children are just as important as their children & we want justice!!

If the youth is not killing each other the police are taking them away from us through harrassment, bogus arrests & killings!

Our children are important & we must take a stand to save them!!  It takes a village to raise a child!!

Our motto: "Step Up Your Game"!!

Our mission statement:

" Help Moms Stop The Murders" will be an Organization of Excellence in the provision of services for troubled youth and their families. We wish to provide an outlet for parents/families who have lost their children to youth violence.

Our vision is to stomp out youth violence and especially to help the families who have been through such tragedies.  
Ministry Spotlight

"Help Moms Stop The Murders "
Tiffany A.
Together We Can Make A Difference
About me: Tiffany A.
I'm a mother of 5 adult children,the youngest being 17.  I lost my son to youth violence
Feb. 1st, 2008.
I would like to help other families who have had tragedies in their lives and who would like to make a difference to help put a stop to YOUTH VIOLENCE..
I would also like to enable the youth with other ways to work out their problems without having to pick up a gun or knife..
Starting with

Remaining Silent
My Angel In The Sky
A Mothers Pain
Rasheed Jamel Ashley born on July 13th, 1990.. From your birth until the day that you were taken away from us you were a star..You were my strength and I miss you so much. You were always there to protect everyone no matter what..You always had my back and I am lost without you. You were more than my son, you were my closest friend and I miss you..You were the protector  of the whole family and we miss you..

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"Help Moms Stop The Murders "
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