Father God in the mighty name of Jesus, we approach You again in prayer, thanking You and praising You for Your grace and Your mercy. Father, we coming lifting the victims of abuse to You this morning, asking that You would protect them, asking that You would shelter them, asking that You would let them know that You love them, let them know that it's going to be okay.

Father sexually, mentally, emotionally, psychological and financially men, women, boys and girls are being abused, they are hurting and they are looking for a way out, they are seeking Your guidance today, they are seeking your help today and we stand in intercessory prayer for them O God.

Father, we ask that You would remove every woman, man, boy and girl out of their abusive situation and we ask that You will place them in a loving and safe environment. A healing place where they can receive the help that they need. A safe place where they feel comfortable to share, to talk, to listen, to give and to share freely without being condemned, without being ridiculed, without being judged, but simply being loved.

Father we lift up every agency, known and unknown that are ministering to the victims of abuse that come in so many forms. We thank You for supplying their needs, we thank You for approving grants for those ministries that are just getting started, working out of their home, working on their jobs, working at the hospital, working at the clinic, Father You know who they are and You know where they are and You know the conditions of their hearts and You know that it's not about show, it's not about look what I did for this person, I helped that person but it's about real people that have a servant's heart, that have the compassion to reach out to the real men, real women, real boys and real girls that are struggling with real issues, real situations that are preventing them from growing in a loving environment and we thank You today!

Thank You for the churches that have counseling and mentoring programs, that are not afraid to address the topic of abuse, that are not afraid to talk about it, that are not afraid to sound the alarm and make a difference. Sadly Father, many men, women, boys and girls are hurt within the church as well and we're asking You to move by Your Spirit, we are asking You for righteous judgment today.
Not just in our churches but everywhere, where abuse is taking place, for every person that is abusing another person, we ask for Your Divine Intervention in Jesus name. Sit them down Father, remove them, silence them when they began to verbally abuse others, shut their mouth, let only good words, kind words be spoken in Jesus name. Freeze their hand O God, when they go to strike, to slap, to punch, to kick, to pull hair, to throw down the steps, to set someone on fire...O God stop the abuse today.

Stop the sexual abuse O God, arrest the child molester's, arrest the rapist, arrest the men, women, boys and girls that are sexually abusing other men, women, boys and girls, forgive them O God, touch their hearts, help them to get the help that they need today! Help them to forgive themselves...help them to forgive those that have sexually abused them, help them to call on Your name O God! Father move by Your Spirit today...touch the hearts of the intercessors around this world and let us be on one accord today, not just with this request but with all the things that are on Your heart O God!

Father teach us how to pray according to Your will, teach us how to pray Your heart, to boldly approach Your throne, knowing that when we call to You that You will answer, when we pray in Jesus name, according to Your perfect will.

Father, we thank You for Your perfect will being doing today! We thank You for regulating laws today that will help the victims of abuse, we thank You for overruling the judges decisions to place children of domestic violence in the custody of their abusive parents and allowing unsupervised visitations. Father many times, the children of domestic violence witness so much, they are scarred, they are afraid, they are torn inside because they don't understand why daddy is hitting mommy or why mommy is hitting daddy and than the child is placed in the abusive parents care...we ask You today to touch every unjust judge, every unjust law official, every unjust child care worker and case workers that are working against the system and using the system to further promote abuse.

Father we thank You for those just judges, the just law officials, the just child care worker and the just case workers that are abiding by the rules, that are fighting and working for the rights of the victims of abuse and we thank You today for sending forth Your heavenly angels, Your war angels, to surround them, to fight on their behalf, to protect them, in Jesus name, amen!

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If you are in danger, call 911
To speak with a domestic violence counselor,
call the 24-hour hotline at 1-866-723-3014.

Si usted o alguien a quien conoce está sufriendo algún tipo de abuso, por favor llame a la Linea de Emergencia de Violencia Doméstica


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