Planting Prayer Seed
By Juanita Pike

Prayer is planting a Seed of Gods Promise from His Word and let God give the increase in patience.  Heb. 4 : 12 - 16 the power of whatever promise we have need of . But our asking must be "rightly dividing" the Word of God 2 Tim. 2 : 15. We never demand answers from God . He works according to His will. So when we have a need we take a Promise from Gods Word and in Prayer Plant that Promise in Gods Presence. Then in Patience wait for the increase.  The Holy Ghost took me back to my early years as a christian . Full of zeal without much knowledge . Like
a young convert who stood by me in a hospital were we was visiting a Saint of God in her 90's and the Dr. had said she would not last long.

This young convert said "Sister Pike if we ask God to raise her up and create a new body He can". I said "yes God has all power to do anything He wants to do , but making a new body after age has took it's toll on this one , is not what God does". He creates a new spirit at Salvation in Jesus Name but our flesh bodies will die. In old age He has promised to take care of us , not create a new flesh body. I have NOT learned all I need to know about prayer and will no doubt leave this life still learning. But I have learned enough to know "MY GOD hears when I call upon Him and He answers at His will , NOT MINE.

I remember the first time I was asked to pray for someone who had cancer and the older Saints was not were I could call upon them. It was just me and the need . She had asked for me to come to her home and pray for her . Now you must understand I was a young christian and had
not learned a lot about prayer . By the way I am still learning!!!  When I went to her home I found out she was very devoted to her church but had no Personal Relationship with Jesus . The Holy Ghost really taught me in this case . I did not give up telling her about a Personal Relationship with Jesus , but I never knew if she accepted Him or not.

She asked me to take her to see Dr. Fowler , a hometown Dr. that had been here many years . When we went in she grabbed him by the arm and started crying and said "Dr. Fowler you have to do something for this pain". He looked at her with tears in his eyes and said "honey if Scott and White does not have any pain medicine to help you I have nothing either".  That is when the Spirit of God showed me that trials and battles will blind us from the truth of WHO can really help us . The pain becomes bigger than the Truth of God meeting our need.   

God is our healer , the Seed of the Promise of healing comes from Gods Word. How He heals and when He heals is in His Will , not ours.  There is a final healing for all when we enter Eternity With God . No more sickness , no more tears or pain , just Joy and Peace  in the Presence of God the Father and Jesus His Son!!!   GLORY!!!  Whatever way He
desires to touch our bodies as a Child of God it will be because of His Love for us . For this earthen vessel of flesh is decaying by the day .   Continue.....

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