Father I thank You for Divine Balance Today, Your Divine order, Your Divine power and Your Divine authority, the authority of the church through Jesus Christ who is the Good Shepherd that watches over us.

Father in 1 Corinthians 14:40, You said, Let all things be done decently and in order and as we are following the leadership of the Good Shepherd, Your Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, we thank You for helping us to decrease, so that Jesus may increase in every area of our lives.

Father You have placed good shepherds, pastors, evangelist, elders, prohphets, apostles that have good hearts, hearts that love you, hearts that are obeying you, hearts that have a heart for the people that you have placed under their leadership and we lift these leaders up to you today.

Asking that You would strengthen them where they are weak, discouraged and downtrodden...Father we thank You for building them up today where they are torn down in the mighty name of Jesus and we thank You for sending a fresh anointing. We thank You for doing a new thing. We thank You for new life and new beginnings. We thank You for each of these leaders and Father for all that they have put out...we thank You for restoring them today. We thank You for filling their cups and running it over with Your grace, Your mercy, Your power, Your presence, Your provision, Your protection, Your wisdom, Your knowledge and Your understanding.

Father as we lift up our "spiritual leaders" today, we thank You for preparing and equipping them to lead us into Your paths of righteousness. Father, we ask that You would forgive us for the times that we didn't understand our "spiritual leaders", forgive us for the times that we didn't receive their words of correction, information and instructions that they have provided to us, forgive us for the times that we talked about our "spiritual leaders" and were influenced or manipulated by outside forces (people) walking in rebellion and disobedience that have had negative experiences with our "spiritual leaders".

Forgive us O God and help us not to entertain, accept or receive negative words spoken out of anger, hurt, bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness against our "spiritual leaders" and when these situations arise, help us to help the person sharing the negative words, by stopping them in love and showing them the right way to handle the situation in Christian love by applying the biblical principles provided in Your Holy Word.

Father we thank You for our "spiritual leaders" today, those that You have place over us, those that You have chosen to help us grow into spiritual maturity, those that You have chosen to help us when we are wrong, to encourage us when we do right, to help us come out of comfort zone, to develop the spiritual gifts inside of us, to educate, to motivate and inspire in Jesus name.

With all that our "spiritual leaders" do O God, today we take the time to say thank You for our "spiritual leaders", thank You for blessing them, thank You for keeping them, thank You for supplying every need, thank You for allowing us to respect and honor our "spiritual leaders" today...and help us to always be mindful of the many hats that they wear...Preacher, Teacher, Counselor, Comforter, just to name of few.

Thanks for removing the scales from our eyes and allowing us to see that our "spiritual leaders" like Moses have our best interest at heart and help us to help them to help us O God. Help us to be obedient, to cooperate, to promote harmonious relationships with our "spiritual leaders" and help us to know that we will never learn how to lead, if we can't follow the leadership of the "spiritual leaders" that You have placed over us. Help us O God to decrease, so that Jesus may increase. Reduce us today until You see none of us and all of Jesus.

Father for those that are seeking Your guidance for "spiritual leadership" we thank You for ordering their steps in Your word today.  We thank You for leading them and guiding them to a "spiritual leader" that You have chosen for them in Jesus name.

Father we humbly submit this prayer with an attitude of gratitude in Jesus Christ name, we pray with thanksging in our heart, amen! 

Prayer For Divine Balance For Our Spiritual Leaders
Stacey Lunsford
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