Our  Ministry Spotlight For Domestic Violence Is "Help Moms Stop The Murders"
In the memory Tiffany's 17yr.old son, Jamel aka "Poopie" to family & "Mooka Mel" to friends.

He was murdered Feb. 1, 2008 by a neighborhood boy ( a boy who in the past had visited my home & whose brother was friends with my son).

They had a fight on Tuesday, the boy came looking for my son @ my house on Thursday (Poopie wasn't home)and he shot him 4 times on Friday appr. 4pm.(he died that night@11:17pm).

This happened 3 floors down from our apartment (we lived on the 16th fl. & my son was killed on the 13th fl) in a secure building w/security at the front door where he should have been safe..

My son was killed in the stairwell of our building while he was accompanied by 4 individuals (2 girls & 2 boys ).

The story told to me by 2 of the people who were present is that my son was sitting on the stairs & this individual kicked open the door & shot my child 4 times while the others scattered (he didn't have a chance to flee or anything).

Everyone in the neighborhood knows the identity of the individual who murdered my baby including the police.

The DA has tied the hands of the police by stating they can not make an arrest until substantial evidence is attained
(fingerprints, someone who was present speaking out as to what happened,etc.).

My son had started his first job & was pursuing a career in boxing @ the Golden Gloves.

My son tried to protect everyone(I told him numerous times that he couldn't save & help everyone). He proved time and time again that he was truly a man and I am grateful.

I thank GOD for blessing me with the time I had with my son (he kept me strong & now keeping his name alive while helping people with this growing problem will continue to keep me going).....continue here for part 2
Ministry Spotlight

"Help Moms Stop The Murders "
Tiffany A.
Together We Can Make A Difference
Remaining Silent
It takes a village to raise a child!!

Our motto:
"Step Up Your Game"!!

Our mission statement:

"Help Moms Stop The Murders" will be an Organization of Excellence in the provision of services for troubled youth and their families.

We wish to provide an outlet for parents/families who have lost their children to youth violence.

Our vision is to stomp out youth violence and especially to help the families who have been through such tragedies.

"Arise, shine, for your light has come,
      and the glory of the LORD rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth
      and thick darkness is over the peoples,
      but the LORD rises upon you
      and his glory appears over you.
Isaiah 60:1-2