Welcome To The Sexual Healing Forum - Stacey Lunsford
The sexual healing forum is an educational, inspirational and interactive forum where you can give and receive help from those that have or are overcoming the sexual strongholds.

The purpose of the sexual healing forum is to provide help to and from those that are struggling with or have overcome sexual immorality.

Those believers and unbelievers that feel like their situation is hopeless, those that feel like they are all alone, those that feel like nobody understands or care, Hope Is On The Horizon cares and want you to know that help is available to you.

The messages in this forum are open to the general public.  We do have private forums and a private chat room for those participates, that desire to share, learn, receive and give help in a safe,confidential, loving and nurturing environment, where those that are seeking help can share freely without being condemned, criticized or ostracized.

If you would like to participate in our private forums, join a group session or you would like to attend a private session, appointments and registration is required. We have anointed, willing and able counselors that are ready to assist you and help you achieve freedom from sexual immorality.

For further information please send me an email me at [email protected] and I will respond to your request, within 24 hours.

Hope Is On The Horizon...Welcome To A Healing Place!
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Welcome To The Sexual Healing Forum